Mission Statement

"And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:" John 3:14


The Institute for Theonomic Reformation is dedicated to the restoration and application of Biblical Law and Biblical Ethics so as to faithfully encourage an explicitly Biblical Christian rule for both a national and global Theonomic culture.

The ITR is a Christ-centered, non-profit organization, which seeks to empower the Christian, and the church, so as to fulfill God’s cultural commission of Christian responsibility.

Through extensive theological scholarship, exhaustive resources, directives and strategies, the ITR is committed to setting forth the Scriptural vision for reforming and rebuilding the Biblical foundations of the entire human civilization.

The Institute for Theonomic Reformation maintains the highest regard for individual liberty under God, and believes that Biblical Law should not be tyrannically forced upon any. Therefore, the ITR’s efforts are devoted to the goal that God’s Law will be freely embraced, honored and obeyed as a pattern of life everywhere and by everyone, and that national jurisprudence will return to its original Biblical foundations.

Through careful and diligent use of Christian scholarship, Biblical logic, and reason, the Institute for Theonomic Reformation strives to give the necessary persuasive arguments for cultural change. By these means the ITR diligently presses for the historic Christian claims of virtue and victory.

Since Godly change can only be enduring through the initial regeneration of the individual by the Sovereign intervention of God, the ITR’s ultimate goal is to see more and more individuals born into the family of Christ. Once God grants individuals this heavenly citizenship, they must be equipped so as to properly and profitably exercise their God-given calling upon the earth.

The weapons of the Christian are not the carnal weapons of violent revolution. The source of Christian strength and victory comes as a direct result of obedience to God’s Law. In its quest to promote this obedience, the ITR provides steadfast education, directives, and application strategies of God’s Word to every area and discipline of life. God’s Holy precepts are the weapons of the Christian Armory.

As a result of mankind’s abandoning Biblical Law as the foundation of for all social order, he has given way to secular humanism, monasticism, pious escapism and statism. The Institute’s objective is to press forth the claims of Christ’s legal and legitimate Lordship and legislative demands over every sphere and aspect of society so as to deliver the human race from its present sinful chaos, replacing it with righteous order.

In an effort to bring about God-honoring cultural change, and in harmony with the vision and strategy of the European Reformation of the 16th Century, the ITR focuses upon equipping individuals, families, churches, civil and governing officials, educational organizations and professionals with the tools of Biblical Wisdom for Christ-centered dominion.

Ecclesia Reformata et Semper Reformanda