by Paul Coviello

Nothing arouses my anger more than the phrase “reproductive rights,” or the words “choice,” and “fetus.” As they apply to abortion (more truthfully described as infanticide), they sanitize a disgusting and grisly act of murder.


Feminists and liberals deliberately employ such insidious language to justify their passion for a more licentious, perverted version of American society. Clearly, no man or woman will, in good conscience, approve of the murder of unborn children. When people continuously hear about a woman’s choice to allow the ongoing development of a fetus inside of her body, however, then they are conditioned to accept the unacceptable. Who can deny a woman her reproductive rights!?  Her body is her own!

Yeah, right. Let me have sex, but spare me the consequences. It sounds like a Burger King jingle; “pass the condoms and the forceps, hold the fetus (it upsets us), forget your morals, we insist on doing it our way!”

I visited the Planned Parenthood website, and read testimonies that the organization provides to elicit support for abortion. Every entry read the same way: my boyfriend (or one-night stand) and I had unprotected sex, and, except for legalized abortion, we would have been stuck with a child that we did not want; we are grateful for the freedoms that our government guarantees for us.


If that sounds outrageous and unbelievable, then, please, visit the Planned Parenthood website. I was taken aback.  Few, if any of the entries described the tortured experience of a rape or incest victim (the scenarios so often created by self indulgent, self righteous feminists and liberals). The testimonies were written by young women who were sexually active, but unwilling to bear children. They were grateful that our government provided the legal means to terminate their pregnancies. One girl wrote that her boyfriend was so supportive during the abortion procedure that they eventually married, and bore children!

Planned parenthood is one of several national organizations (Abortion Access project, Catholics for a Free Choice, National Abortion Rights Action League, and Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice are some others) that supports the controversial Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision of January 23, 1973. Presented as a challenge to a Texas law that prohibited abortion except in cases where a pregnant woman’s life was in danger, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs. The Court determined that the Texas law was an infringement on constitutional rights to privacy, struck down the law, and legalized abortion.

Since that ruling, pregnant women have murdered an estimated 1.5 million unborn children per year. Over forty million unborn children have been murdered by their mothers during the past thirty years.  

Over forty million innocent children murdered! It conjures up images of Joseph Stalin in pre World War II Russia, Adolph Hitler in Nazi Germany, and Pol Pot in communist Cambodia. It should not be so for America; not for a country that was built upon Christian principles. What happened to the sanctity of human life, chastity, fidelity and honor? How did we fall so far as to legitimize murder?

Roe v. Wade is an undeniable violation of the Court’s limited powers. That is, it has no legitimate authority to legalize abortion. It has circumvented God’s supreme right to create and take life, and has cast aside the commandment
“thou shalt not kill." [lit. murder] In so doing, The Supreme Court has overstepped boundaries clearly defined by God in scripture. What gives our Supreme Court justices the right to determine who can take life? On what basis do they assert their authority, using their vain intellect as a means to selectively apply the Word of God? The Court Justices were horribly wrong to place themselves above God.

A phrase over the entry to the Supreme Court reads “Equal justice Under the Law.” Obviously that phrase is pure lip service, because justice does not apply to the unborn in America. It cannot when an unborn child is subject to the murderous intentions of his/her parents, and has no legal recourse. Consider the 1996 murder case of Amy Grossberg and Brian Peterson. They were tried for murder in Delaware after killing their newborn infant in a Newark Delaware motel. The child was found in a trash can with multiple skull fractures from blunt trauma and shaking.  Had they obtained a partial birth abortion in the days and weeks prior to birth, a procedure during which an unborn child is partially delivered with forceps, and then has it’s brain removed by an incision (made with scissors) and a suction tube, then we would never have known their names or their crime. They would have violated no law.


We declare ourselves to be one nation under God, but a nation that is under the Lordship of God cannot condone the murder of unborn children. Abortion must stop. Never mind the bleating and babbling of the leftist extremists who want us to condone their licentiousness. We cannot condone the continued extermination of unborn children; not for the sake of sexual immorality disguised as freedom, not for “women’s rights,” not for “choice,” or for any other preposterous reason cooked up by leftist extremists. Abortion must stop!

Paul Coviello is a contributing writer for the Institute for Theonomic Reformation and serves as Deacon at the Reformed Bible Church In Central Virginia.


Originally published in 2003