by Paul David Coviello


The weekend "pro-choice" rally in Washington served as a showcase for all that is repugnant with the pro-abortion movement in America. Hundreds of thousands of women marched in support of infanticide, declaring their opposition to President Bush for his support of the partial birth abortion ban, and expressing their outrage at the Unborn Victims of Violence Law, the so-called Laci and Connor law, that extends criminal charges (against those who attack pregnant women) to the harm suffered by the unborn child in the womb.



I never considered pro-abortion advocates to be credible or their arguments defensible, but this past weekend the rhetoric became delusional. They actually insisted that their quest for unregulated freedom to kill their children is similar to the civil rights movement of the 60's!

I have read about the civil rights movement. I cannot recall any book that detailed organized rallies, marches, political pressure and legislative action, or any acts of civil disobedience inspired by such wanton immorality as that which prompts the quest for rights to kill unborn children. Any such comparison then must be viewed as outrageous and insulting black Americans. The right of equal access to education and public services afforded to other citizens, in other words, cannot be linked with a mother's decision to have a doctor kill her child in-utero. Abortion rights advocates cannot equate a struggle for basic human rights and equality under the law with sexual impropriety and murder!

The pro-abortion movement is about sex, and nothing more. Read the Planned Parenthood website testimonials section. It is quite revealing. I did not read one testimonial that focused on health issues, rape or incest. To the contrary the testimonials revolved around consensual sex that resulted in unwanted pregnancies.

"Unwanted" is far from life threatening. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, a not for profit sexual and reproductive health research organization, there are roughly 1.37 million abortions are performed in the U.S. annually. 81 percent of abortions are performed on women under 26, and over 80 percent of all abortion patients are unmarried. 93.9 percents of abortions are performed because the mother does not want to disrupt her education or career, she or her partner do not want a child or the couple have relationship issues, the mother wants to postpone child-bearing, the mother is too young and her parents or others object to the pregnancy, or the mother cannot afford a child. 3.3 percent are performed because of fetal health issues. That is, the child is determined to be "unviable," because of mental or physical deformities and handicaps. The remaining 2.8 percent are performed because of maternal health reasons. Only 2.8 percent.

It sounds nice, but the pro-abortion crusade is not akin to civil rights movements. Modern day abortionists lack the moral clarity and courage of their self-declared brethren. Further, the statistics show that they are far from oppressed or down trodden. If anything, they are far too free with their bodies! By contrast they stand out as idiotic, irresponsible, self-indulgent whores who equate freedom and choice with murder.

Paul Coviello is a contributing writer for the Institute for Theonomic Reformation and serves as Deacon at the Reformed Bible Church In Central Virginia.

Originally published in 2003