The Art Gallery of New Geneva

Advancing the Kingdom through art


The Art Gallery of New Geneva

endeavors to honor the Master Creator

by offering responsible artistic projects

to the community.

The hope is

to educate, refresh, and encourage

all who enter in

through the blessings of the arts

as God intended them to do.

Why an art gallery?
We believe art matters because, since God is the Creator of all things,
we reflect Him in some way through our creativities.

The world of the arts is an incredible gift from God

that enriches the soul and allows many ways of expression.

For the Christian however,

the arts are not solely for personal gratification,

but more so,

to bring forth the invisible things of God

to a world that is blind to them.

“For the invisible things of him

from the creation of the world

are clearly seen,

being understood by the things that are made…”



The language of the arts is like no other,

cutting across all cultural barriers.


“The heavens declare the glory of God…

Day unto day utters speech…

There is no speech nor language

where their voice is not heard.”



God almighty is the first cause of all things.

He is the Master Artist from Whom all human beings

receive their talents, instructions,

and even the materials they need to work.

“…for without me, ye can do nothing.”



The Art Gallery of New Geneva

pledges to reflect and honor the Master

through creative projects that will

glorify God and encourage

the hearts and minds

of all who enter.


…establish the work of our hands…Ps90:17


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The Art Gallery of New Geneva (AGNG) will consider any form of art to be displayed or performed including

2-dimensional visual art, 3-dimensional displays, literary, and performing arts which hold to a worldview as explained in our “Philosophy & Worldview” section.

All potential projects will be reviewed by the Art Gallery Board in order to be considered for exhibition.

General Information

If you are curious about displaying or performing at the AGNG, here are some quick, general points to first consider:

1. We believe all mankind is created in the image of God and therefore, by the grace of God, is able to do and perform good works, as God determines. Therefore, any work rendered as “good and acceptable” by the Board at the AGNG (whether from a professing Christian or not) is simply a reflection of God’s imputed ability upon that person, so therefore the Gallery believes that the work honors the Creator, not necessarily the artist himself.

2. All categories of art will be considered for display including representational, symbolic and abstract. Since all categories of art are exampled throughout creation by the Creator, all categories of art are accepted at the AGNG.

3. Artists willing to display must fill out an Application Form. See more details about displaying at the end of this section.

4. Once projects are submitted for consideration, the review board at the AGNG will notify the artist within 1-2 months of their decision.

5. If a general call goes out to artists for exhibition work being planned at the Gallery, artists are expected to abide by the rules and deadlines laid out for that particular exhibit or event.

6. The AGNG is a non-profit entity and therefore is legally bound from allowing direct sales for personal gain. Artists, therefore, are not permitted to directly sell their work through the AGNG.

Please contact us for details concerning this.

7. Depictions of the Lord, Jesus Christ. The AGNG will avoid depictions of facial or full body images of the personhood of Jesus. Although we firmly believe that the Lord, Jesus is all man as well as all God, we believe this is not only the safest path, but also will help to avoid added confusion with this issue. Consideration will, however, be made in certain cases such as historical, educational reasons, or creative suggestions of the Lord within an artwork.

8. Nudity within Artwork. Blatant nudity, harsh depictions of violence, or other such images willgenerally not be accepted for display. While such themes may or may not be truthful or Biblical, the AGNG endeavors to be a family-friendly place where no one will feel uncomfortable or hesitate to bring their children. Veiled expressions within the work may be accepted and will be considered on an individual basis.

Philosophy & Worldview 

The Art Gallery of New Geneva is a unique art institution in that it holds to a Biblical worldview of the arts and is not swayed necessarily by popular trends or the secular art world. Although it is open to considerations, its foundational appreciation for the arts is rooted in the precepts found in Scripture.

One passage that can be a general guide when considering displaying or performing at the Art Gallery at New Geneva is the following passage found in Philippians 4, verse 8:

…whatever things are true,

whatever things are honest

whatever things are just,

whatever things are pure,

whatever things are lovely,

whatever things are of good report;

if there be any virtue,

and if there be any praise,

think on these things.

(Note: It would be virtually impossible for one art project to encompass all the traits listed above; only Christ can do that. However, if it can hold to at least one of them, it would be considered for showing at the Art Gallery of New Geneva.)

With respect to the above passage (Phil 4:8) and how it relates to the visual or performing arts, please consider the following:

(true; not concealing, deceitful, or lying)

Art projects should convey truth, not lies. Sometimes the truth is hard and hurts, but with some creativity, there can be a glimmer of hope even among the ashes.

(revere; honorable in character; venerable; grave)

A work should be honorable, not offensive to God. The workmanship as well should be executed with care being properly finished and/or framed, ready to display.

(upright; virtuous; in keeping the commands of God; righteous)

Projects displayed should not promote unjust or unethical ideas that are against the righteousness of God’s Word.

(sacred; chaste; modest; morally blameless)

If an artist is pure in heart regarding the project displayed or performed, his work will reflect that.

(acceptable; pleasing; friendly towards or fond of)

Something that is lovely draws people toward it. It can be appealing in either its simplicity or complexity, but its beauty to the eyes and/or perhaps to the thoughts and imagination will be motivating or appreciated by the viewer in some way.

Good Report
(sounding well; well-spoken of; good reputation)

Having a good report means having a good reputation; something or someone who has nothing to be ashamed of. Art work displayed or performed at the Gallery should be able to be viewed by all, young and old alike, without improprieties.

(moral goodness; modesty; valor; attributed excellence)

The work should be of good character and quality, depicting a standard of respect.

(a commendable thing)

Specifically before God, a work should be commendable. “Praise of men” does not supersede praise or approval by God. (Ro2:29; 1Cor2:6-7)

Think on these Things
The last phrase in the above passage tells us to THINK on these things.

The art displayed and performed at the Gallery should not only be acceptable to the viewers, but also encourage their minds to ponder, wonder, and consider things they may not normally think about, even if it’s as “simple” as the wonderfully balanced perfection of the center of a flower.

Do you know …the wondrous works of him which is perfect in knowledge? (Job 37:16)

Length of Time for Exhibiting: Generally, an exhibit will be on display for one month unless otherwise agreed upon between the Gallery and the artist on the registration form.

Setup and Dismantling of Exhibit: The Art Gallery of New Geneva will arrange the setup of wall displays. The artist must bring work no earlier than two days prior to the exhibit date unless agreed upon. Artwork must be ready for hanging. The artist is responsible for retrieving his work no later than one day after the completed exhibit date, unless otherwise agreed upon. The Gallery will not assume responsibility for the artist’s work beyond the agreed pickup time.

The Gallery will do all that is possible to preserve and protect the artist’s work while in its care, however the Art Gallery is not responsible for damages by natural disasters, undetermined damages or elements beyond its control.

If an artist desires to have an Opening Event at the beginning of his/her exhibition, details will be written down between the Gallery and the Artist on the application form. 

Fee for Displaying: The Art Gallery of New Geneva does not take commissions for any work. Rather, the AGNG charges a flat fee for separate sections of the Gallery. If you’d like to receive current pricing for the use of the Gallery's available displaying areas, please write to:  The fee for displaying will be detailed on the agreement form and must be satisfied prior to the first day of the exhibition.

Performance arts or other events will be negotiated and detailed on the agreement form.

Please send direct payments to PO Box 778, Appomattox, VA 24522, payable to "The ITR".

(ITR: The Institute for Theonomic Reformation,


Online payments can be made at:   Please designate what the payment is for on that link.


All proceeds go directly to the operation and maintenance of the Art Gallery of New Geneva.


There are many ways you can partner with us to help encourage and maintain the arts in the Appomattox area. We hope you will consider them and contact us soon!


This is a great way to meet people and make a difference! In this way, you will be helping to support the Gallery’s mission of fostering creative education, community activities and enrichment to our area.

There are many ways to volunteer, from building maintenance and helping in the store, to assisting with classes and events. It all helps to continue the ongoing operations of the Art Gallery. If you are interested in volunteering in any way, contact our office.


You may consider a one-time financial gift to donate. Any monies received by the Art Gallery is vital to its continuing operation. In these days especially, with the rising costs of fuel, electric, etc., any and all financial donations are very much appreciated and will be used wisely.

You may consider a monthly financial gift. With this help, we will be able to plan for special events that residents in the area can look forward to. From paint nights, to performing arts, to community celebrations and tourism, we would be able to commit to ongoing activities because of the expected monthly committed donations from our much-valued supporters.

Monthly financial supporters will receive a 10% discount on items in the Gallery store, as well as discounted rates for special events hosted by the Gallery. Monthly donors will be recognized in our annual report.

You may consider an end-of-the-year annual gift. This kind of gift may help us tie up any loose ends from the previous year, as well as give a boost for the following year, rather than begin a new year with debts to pay off.

All gifts are tax-deductible, made payable to “The ITR”*

*The ITR: The Institute for Theonomic Reformation,


You can help the Art Gallery with its ongoing expenses by sponsoring an event. Any assistance with the expenses of running planned events such as classes, educational programs or special programs, helps deter financial burdens. Whether it’s renting tables or extra chairs, or catering food, or paying a teacher or special speaker, this one-time gift will certainly help curb those costs for the Gallery. A special notation on the event’s printed material and/or announcements will be made to thank the donors. All gifts are tax-deductible.


Meeting Space

You may need a nice space for a meeting, a class, lecture, or small party. Consider the Art Gallery of New Geneva! We will discuss details and fair pricing to make it happen for you!


Exhibit your Creative Self at New Geneva!

Are you a creative person in any way? The visual arts are not the only kind of creative products the Art Gallery will exhibit. Are you a quilter? A carpenter? A performing artist? A dancer? Do you produce something interesting or unique? You may want to display it. Contact us!


Visit our Store!

The small store inside the Art Gallery will always be special because there will always be different things to see and purchase. One-of-a-kind artistic products and crafts are sold as well as hand-made items from local merchants. Check us out when you can’t find that special gift, or something just for yourself! The money earned goes back into supporting the Art Gallery of New Geneva.