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Puritan/Reformed Sermons

Some Puritan Online Books

The Puritan Library.com

Alarm to the Unconverted by JosephAlleine (.pdf file)
The Mute Christian under the Smarting Rod by Thomas Brooks
The Christian's Great Interest by William Guthrie
The Christian In Complete Armor by William Gurnall
The Death of Death (Highly Recommended) by John Owen

The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes 

The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man: Comprehending a Complete Body of Divinity by Herman Witsius 

The Example of the English Puritans by Erroll Hulse
Why should Christians today be interested in the English Puritans? The answer to that is that the English Puritans have left to the Christian Church a most valuable library of expository books. In recent years there has been a rediscovery of this literary heritage.

The Puritans and Revival Christianity by Iain Murray
Puritanism, have been considered from many aspects but it has been too often overlooked that the main features of these movements, as, for instance, the extensiveness of their influence, the singular position given to Scripture and the transformation in character of the morally careless, are all effects of revival.

A Description of True Blessedness by Christopher Love

Richard Baxter and His Gospel by Maurice Roberts.
The Death of Thomas Bilney by J. H. Merle d'Aubigné. A short extract from his Reformation history.

The Death of John Bunyan by George Offor. A short extract from his Memoirs.
The Life and Character of Stephen Charnock by William Symington. (55K) Word  PDF
Samuel Davies: Apostle of Virginia and Samuel Davies: Characteristics of His Life and Message by T.T. Ellis. Word  PDF (Part1)    Word  PDF(Part2)

Philip Doddridge by G. Ella. Word format   PDF format
Some Sidelights on Ralph Erskine
Ralph Erskine's Marvellous Ministry by Dr. G. Ella. Word
Christmas Evans by Robert Oliver. Word  PDF.
Thomas Goodwin: His Life, Times, and Quest for Assurance by Guy Davies.
Word format (44K)   PDF format (97K)
Thomas Goodwin by Alexander Whyte. Word format  PDF format  PDF
Samuel Rutherford by John Howie. Word  PDF
Samuel Rutherford and some of his Correspondents as a single PDF file, 139 pages, 336K. See the individual chapters in the Rutherford Index.
Brief Life and Times of Samuel Rutherford Some introductory material that might be helpful.
Thomas Shepard's Account of His Preaching Taken from Thomas Brook's "Lives of the Puritans."
An Appreciation of Shepard by Alexander Whyte.Word format  PDF format
Adrift in the New Jerusalem
Richard Sibbes and The Bruised Reed by J. William Black. Word format  PDF format
Charles Simeon: His Trials and Patience in the Ministry by John Piper. Word  PDF.
A Memoir of Thomas Watson by Charles Spurgeon

John Welsh of Ayr by Maurice Roberts. Word.

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