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Make me to go in the path of Thy Commandments; for therein do I delight...Psalm 119:35




The ‘Worldpool’
By Jessica Lyn Raymond

 It takes just one to make a difference
In this world that’s filled with sin.
When most the world is acting one way
Others can be snared right in.

 This raging ‘worldpool’ drags most under
Hiding truth in sin and shame.
The snare is strong. It makes them weak.
They cannot keep alive God’s Name.

 A believer still lives by the Word
And sees the world through better Light.
He knows the world is upside-down,
And now he’s out to make it right.

 He sets examples to the world –
They say, “Our current’s now too strong. 
You’re way too small!” …but they don’t know
That God is stronger than them all.

 In time, the ‘worldpool’ starts to weaken.
One by one, believers wake.
They take control – because of one
Who saw the difference he could make.

The “iambic foot” structures this Poem
Jessica Lyn Raymond, 13 years old, Virginia

Copyright © 2002-2003  

When I grow up to a good condition

I'm not going to be a mathematician.

My mom doesn't mind if I don't take that path...

She says. "No excuses" I have to do math.

                                                                                                       JLR 14yrs old

Copyright © 2002-2003  

 Creationism /Apologetics                                                                       

Creationism Teaching vs. Macroevolutionary Teaching 
And It's Affects on Society

by Jessica Lyn Raymond 14 yrs old

Taking Creationism out of the schools has definitely been a learning experience. It shows how much God is really needed, because the country has never been the same since Evolution was introduced. America has gotten worse and worse. I would like to prove that fact. 

   ‘Create’ is defined as “to produce, to bring into being out of nothing, to cause to exist”. Creation is defined as “the act of creating, especially the act of bringing this world into existence”.1 Thus, we get the term “Creationism”. Macroevolution is “the theory that all existing organisms developed from earlier forms by natural selection; Darwinism”.2 

    The history of our country began with people who wanted to leave their own country to establish a new one, in order to worship God freely. Our founding fathers formed schools with the Bible as the sole textbook and they read books that had biblical morals. They taught especially reading, for they said if one could not read, he would not be able to read the Bible, or know the laws of the country or state.3 The early schools respected laws, authority, and the country, ultimately because they respected God. Universities in the early American history were founded upon Christian principles, and considered all learning contrary to the cross of Christ cursed.4   

    The results of teaching Creation in schools were positively affective. Children wanted to learn, and were more serious with their life. Foreigners came from across the world to see what made American schools flourish above all other nations. It was because they were being taught about God. Children were smarter and therefore graduated earlier, around the ages of fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen.  Young Americans cared more about society. They wanted to influence and become involved with events surrounding them.5  

    Charles Darwin brought up the idea of Macroevolution in the mid 1800’s. He went on expeditions around the world to try and prove his theory. After returning from his voyages, he concluded that all life came from one organism, branching out, and the process had to take millions of years to occur. Darwin wrote a book called “The Origin of Species” in 1859. Many people opposed his theory because it conflicted with their religious beliefs. Others used his theory to support their own ideas about society. He made people question their beliefs.6  

    In 1925, a twenty-four year old biology teacher named John Scopes was charged with illegally teaching Macroevolution. William Jennings Bryan, a three-time candidate for President, led a Fundamentalist crusade to banish Darwin ’s Theory of Evolution from American schools. He and his followers got legislation introduced into fifteen states to ban the Evolution theory. Bryan fought against Scopes. Clarence Darrow was the lawyer who defended Scopes.   

    Bryan claimed that “if evolution wins, Christianity goes.” Darrow claimed, “Scopes isn’t on trial; civilization is on trial.” They debated, and because of the instability regarding Christian facts, given by Bryan as a witness, the case was dismissed, stating that “ Bryan was destroyed by his testimony.” Of the fifteen states with the anti- evolution legislation, only Arkansas and Mississippi passed laws restricting teaching of Darwin ’s theory. The case became known as “The Monkey Trial”.7  

     In 1968, Susan Epperson, a teacher of tenth grade biology in Little Rock Arkansas , was confronted with a new textbook containing a chapter teaching Evolution. She fought to teach it. The court stated that teaching Evolution was unconstitutional, and the sole reason was that it conflicted with “a particular religious doctrine; that is, with a particular interpretation of the Book of Genesis by a particular religious group.” Yet the court questioned itself, asking whether Arkansas statute against teaching Evolution was clear enough.8   

    In the “Epperson vs. Arkansas ” case, the court concluded that a state is free to choose their own curriculums for their own schools. They compared teaching Evolution to exposing the students to other languages in the world. Justice Stewart said that it shouldn’t be a “criminal offence for a public school teacher so much as to mention the very existence of an entire system of respected human thought.”9  

    Ironically, today in our public schools God is nowhere, and evolution is everywhere! As a result, the society is reaping the consequences. We can see this especially in our youth. Why should anything matter if there is no God? Suicide rates among teenagers ages 15-19 have increased 155 percent between 1962-1996. Teen out-of-wedlock births have increased more than 400 percent from 1960-1996. Abortion rates among teens have increased 27 percent from 1973-1996. There were 22.2 percent of eighth graders using marijuana in 1998.10   

    The thirst for education is not in America anymore. In 1996, the international comparison in mathematics achievement ranked eighth graders 28th out of 41 nations, and twelfth graders 19th out of 21 nations. In the science test, twelfth graders ranked 16th out of 21 nations. America ranked last among 16 nations with our advanced physics scores. The twelfth grade ranked second to last in the mathematics scores. Eleventh grade average writing scores decreased from 290-283 between the years 1984-1996.11   

    Much of the youth’s free time is devoted to wastefulness and laziness instead of productiveness and redeeming the time. In 1997, the average daily TV viewing time per household was 7:12 hours. Children from 2-17 years on the average spend more than three hours a day watching TV. In 1999, 60 percent of 12-17 year olds said they had a TV in their bedroom. The United States had the highest rate of 9-year-olds that watched more than 5 hours of TV per weekday that same year, which was 21.3 percent. 91 percent vs. 63 percent of 10-to-17-year-olds didn’t know who the vice president or president was, but knew who The Simpsons featured. Since TV has been extremely violent and sexual, it’s no wonder that the youth gravitates toward the same behavior.12   

    Youths do not seem to care about the future either. America ’s personal savings rate decreased from 6.6 percent to 0.5 percent from 1960-1998. Why should they care if they are not encouraged about accountability with God?13   

    The next generation of youth is decaying because of the Macroevolutionary teaching, with God taken out of the schools totally. The United States have the highest marriage rates, and then the highest divorce rates. We have the highest single parent families, the highest abortion rates, and the highest sexually transmitted diseases. Among youth only, America has the highest teenage birth rate, highest child poverty, the highest lifetime drug use among youths 15-16, and the highest youth television watching.14   

    Does it scare you to know that these are going to be the people who run our country in the future? They wonder why our society is so messed up. They have no Guide or reason to care if they all came from monkeys, or a blob, or a gas particle, and in the end they are going to just die and decay anyway.   

    If we keep this mindset up, we are going to get severely punished. God is going to take our privileges away and give them to someone else who will take care of them. He has brought war on many of His people in the Bible and in history because of their disobedience. America is not far from being greatly chastened by God. Deut. 28:49 says if we do not listen to His commandments, “The Lord shall bring a nation against thee from far, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flieth;”   

    Sometimes I wish I won’t be around to see the country run by the next generation. It will be an embarrassment to all the hard working people in history who dreamed of having a God-fearing country. They fought, suffered, and died to have such a nation for future generations. America has misused that wonderful privilege.   

    We must continue to fight for Godly teaching in the school. Creationism is vital to the heart and soul of a blessed nation. Only when students believe that things matter, and they have a purpose and afterlife, will apathetic attitudes and actions change to positive production. America was given this great responsibility from God. Have we completely failed? 2Chronicles 7:14 says, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”   

    We need to get back to God.

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