Creeds, Canons and Confessions


• The Apostles' Creed

• The Nicene Creed

• The Athanasian Creed

• The Definition of Chalcedon

• The Anathemas of the Second Council of Constantinople (553 A.D.)


• The Canons of the Council of Orange (529 A.D.)

• The Augsburg Confession (1530)

• Apology [Defense] of the Augsburg Confession

• The Smalcald Articles - By Martin Luther

• The Thirty-Nine Articles, (1571)

• The Canons of Dordt (1618 A.D.)

• The Belgic Confession (1618 A.D.)

• The Westminster Confession of Faith (1646) w. Scripture Proofs
You can download this MS Word.rtf (zipped) file for personal use on your word processor. It is the original 1646, and is complete with full scripture proof texts. Also available in Word [doc], PDF, and HTML (all zipped). The Word.rtf version is also avaliable as a Macintosh [sit] archive.

The Westminster Confession of Faith's Additional Documents

To The Christian Reader, Especially Heads of Families
Mr. Thomas Manton's Epistle to the Reader (A must read)
The Sum of Saving Knowledge
The Confession of Faith of the Kirk of Scotland: Or, The National Covenant
The Solemn League and Covenant
The Directory for the Publick Worship of God
The Directory for Family Worship 
The Form of Presbyterial Church Government

• See Also:

History of the Westminster Assembly of Divines
By: William Maxwell Hetherington, D. D., LL. D.

The Discretionary Power of the Church

"The delivery of Christ’s doctrines and commandments by men does not make them the doctrines and commandments of men. ... Their dogmas are not man's, they are God’s dogmas." (from paragraph 20)
By: John L. Girardeau

The Reformed Faith

An Exposition Of The Westminster Confession Of Faith.
By: Robert Shaw

• The Savoy Declaration of Faith and Order 1658

The Savoy Declaration is a modification of the Westminster Confession to suit the Congregational polity. An introduction is being added to aid the reader in finding the most notable changes.


• Catechism for Young Children

This document contains the Catechism for Young Children, a catechism used in many denominations as an introduction to the Smaller Catechism.

• The Children's Catechism

This document contains a simplified catechism useful for introducing your child to the Reformed faith. It was written by Chris Schlect

• The Westminster Shorter Catechism

This document contains the Westminster Shorter Catechism with full Scripture references.

• The Westminster Larger Catechism

This document contains the Westminster Larger Catechism with full Scripture references.